Working With Me


The most important aspects of working with me are:

  • Your level of commitment to yourself

  • Your ability to be honest with yourself and take responsibility for your health

  • Your commitment to do the work

  • A relationship with me based on respect, trust, honesty and a mutual feeling that we are on the same wavelength.


I provide an initial free 20-30 minute “Meet and Greet” appointment for all clients, so we can mutually ensure I am the right coach for them.
An in-person face to face appointment is preferred, but I am happy to provide this by phone if circumstances require.

Should we decide to work together, you will firstly be emailed important and in-depth questionnaires to complete at home. This is used for the purpose of collecting information on how I can best help you. You will also be given two appointments:

  • An “HAQ Paperwork Review Appointment” which allows me time to review your paperwork. Clients are not present at this appointment and a fee of $100 is charged for my time to review all the information you provide, and undertake any research I need in order to offer my bes (Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure the completed questionnaires are returned four days before the “HAQ Paperwork Review Appointment”. If your HAQs are not returned on time, an ‘“HAQ Paperwork Review Appointment No Show Fee” ($100) is automatically charged and your HAQ Paperwork Review Appointment and Initial Appointment will need to be moved to the next available appointment time).

  • An “Initial Appointment” for the duration of 90 minutes will be given to you. This appointment is preferably carried out in person too.


The first appointment is generally 60 to 90 minutes long. I will have had the opportunity to look at your questionnaires and put together a road map outlining the best way to move forward. We will have time to clarify information you have given me, discuss my guidance suggestions on the options most likely to help you, and then jointly decide how to put this into action and organise any further testing or investigations needed.


Subsequent appointments are determined on an individual basis together with you. Appointments are usually 60 minutes long. As a guide, I find it beneficial to see new clients weekly for 60 minutes, decreasing the frequency and/or duration as your health, quality of life, and self sufficiency improves.

Depending on what a person comes to see me with and how committed they are to doing the work needed to improve their health and wellbeing, they tend to work with me on average for 6-18 months. After this time, most people enjoy significantly better health and wellbeing and are empowered and equipped to maintain this. Others still enjoy continuing their health and wellbeing journey together.
Each person’s journey will look different.


The lifestyle changes we work on together will form the foundation of long term improvements. I do however from time to time recommend specific supplements. I choose to offer supplements which are quality assured and available only through a registered practitioner. This service is only available to people I am currently seeing or have seen recently. Several of these supplements can cause harm if taken inappropriately, and as such, you may only order supplements that I have recommended to you. All supplement companies notify me per email of every order (name, supplements and quantities) as a means of monitoring their purchase and use.


I may sometimes recommend a functional test to get more detailed information in order to guide our decisions. These are complex tests, often sent abroad and are fully funded by you. I may also refer you to someone more experienced in the specific area you need help if I feel it would be more advantageous to you.


I am passionate about my work and work to serve and help the people that cross my path. Working in an integrative and holistic way is quite involved and time consuming and there is much work done behind the scenes that you are likely unaware of. I only receive income charging for my time, and I appreciate it when my clients honour and value this.



Due to the holistic nature of my work, more time is often required during an appointment. To account for this and to allow flexibility and to accommodate different budgets, consultations are charged in 15 minute increments.

  • Initial Meet and Greet (20-30 minutes) – free

  • AQ Review fee – $100

  • First Appointment , 90 minutes- $150

  • 60 min consultation – $120

  • 45 min consultation – $90

  • 30 min consultation – $65

Discounted packages:

For those who wish to commit to regular weekly or fortnghtly sessions the following discounted options are available. Note that these packages are non- transferable, non-refundable, and would usually be paid in full prior to the first session. 10 session packs have a use by date 20 weeks from commencement. 5 session packs are to be used within 10 weeks of commencement.

  • 10x 60 minute sessions – $1000

  • 5 x 60 minute sessions – $550

  • 10x 30 minute sessions – $550

  • 5x 30 minute sessions – $300


A cancellation with less than 48 hours notice may result in a cancellation fee for 50% of the fee equal to the fee duration booked.
A no show, or cancellation within 24hours will be charged for the fee equal to the fee duration booked.


I believe health care should be accessible to all. Circumstances in life can change and fluctuate and I understand that this may affect your ability to access health care at any given time. I also believe however, that each person has the possibility to make choices to prioritise, take responsibility for, and invest in their health.

Being self employed, means I need to find the balance between my investment in your health – in terms of time, effort, ongoing training, insurance, registration fees, running costs, tax and my own financial needs; with a client’s ability to pay for my services. It is a very fine balance

If you have financial hardship that would genuinely prevent you from consulting me, please discuss this with me to arrange an alternative payment schedule.

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